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Remember I wrote about my young neighbor, Vince, last time? Now, I am going to talk about my next door neighbors, Jim and Marilyn. I said earlier that I am lucky to live near such good neighbors. Jim is much younger than Vince, but just as helpful. He retired very recently, but even when he was working, he was there whenever I needed his help. His wife Marilyn is a sweet person who just retired from work. When we were hit by a series of hurricane several years ago, Vince, Vivian, Jim and Marilyn joined other neighbors in helping people in our community.

Almost everybody lost power after the hurricane. These nice people went around to those who were home bound to see what kind of help they needed. Jim had a generator and all who lost power where invited to their house where Vivian and Marilyn had made breakfast for everyone. It reminded me of the old time stories in India, where some kind people will give food and shelter to people after a big disaster like floods. These kind neighbors went around helping those who could not- fixing doors, windows and asking people to stay with them if they were afraid to be alone. Can you believe this is in today's America?

When people say Americans don't know who their neighbors are or don't help others, they don't know the real America. Americans are very helpful and are kind. Neighbors are very caring. I’ve lived in many states in America and have always had very good neighbors.


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