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" Age is what you feel, not when you were born "

This was what my crossed my mind today and I’ll tell you why.

I think about this whenever I see my neighbor, Vince. I live in a 55+ community. I have wonderful neighbors, who are kind, friendly and helpful. They live alone or with their spouses, though always with their health problems, but are busy keeping their houses clean.

Now, let me tell you about Vince. He is a young man of 92 and lives with his wife, Vivian. Vince came to America from Italy when he was 12. He lived through the depression. He had a successful hair dressing business in Manhattan. He has hobnobbed with celebrities and has done the hair of famous Hollywood stars of yore. He goes swimming at the Clubhouse pool everyday in his Golf Cart, grows vegetables and works in his yard. Vince opens his garage every morning to do his hobby - wood working. I think the sun shines in our neighborhood to make sure Vince is there in his garage.

At this age, he does beautiful work - Santa and his reindeers for Christmas, pumpkins for Halloween, all related items for each Holiday. His wife, Vivian, paints all the wood work Vince did. She is a perfectionist - you know it when you see her house. Vince decorates his front and the yard with ghosts and goblins for Halloween, Santa in his sled for Christmas, Bunnies and Eggs for Easter and Turkeys for Thanksgiving. They have a duck in the front which is dressed according to the season, by Vivan's handy sewing. Rainy season sees the duck in a raincoat and umbrella, 4th of July, she is dressed in read, white, and blue.

Besides, all this handy workmanship, both of them are very friendly and helpful. Vivan is a wonderful cook and brings me one of my favorite dishes, Eggplant Parmesan. If my door is rusted, without my asking, Vince is there, cleaning the door and painting.

When I see Vince, he does not look like a 92 year old, but a young man ready to help others. He says he’ll be sick if he can not do anything. This is why I think age is just a matter of mind. You are only as old as you think. Your genes, and age related health problems can slow you down, but if your mind is vigorous and willing, you will feel young, even if you can not do some things. I am lucky to have Vivian and Vince as my neighbors and wish them long life. Next time, I will tell you about other interesting people in my neighborhood.