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Pacchadi "Raita" - Vegetables in Yogurt

This is a cooling dish which smooths the tongue and mouth when eaten with the spicy dishes, especially in the hot Indian summer months. In the north of India, it is called "Raita". It is common in all the Indian restaurant in U.S.. Pacchadi can be made with different vegetables.

Tomato Pacchadi
2  plum tomatoes or 1  medium tomato
16oz.  plain yogult
1 tsp.  water
1/2 tsp.  salt or salt to taste
1/2 tsp.  vegetable oil
1/2 tsp.  mustard seeds
1/8 tsp.  cumin seeds
1  dried red hot chili pepper, broken into pieces
1 sprig  curry leaves
1 small green hot pepper, finely chopped
some fresh cilantro ( coriander leaves ), washed and chopped

Cut the tomato into 16 pieces or smaller pieces.

Move the yogult into a clean ceramic or stainless steel bowl and mix it with a beater, and add water and mix well.

Add the tomato and salt to the yogult

Heat oil in a small frypan, add the mustard seeds and cumin seeds. When the mustard seeds pop, add the red hot chili pepper and curry leaves and turn off the heat. Add these spice mixture to the yogult.

Add green hot pepper and cilanto, and mix. Keep it refrigerated. Serve it cold.

Cucumber Pacchadi

Another favorite one is the cucumber pacchadi, and it is very popular in India.

Peel 1 cucumber and take the seeds, if there are any. Pickling cucumbers which are small and less seeds can be used, too.

Grate the cucumber and make the pacchadi with above tomato pacchadi recipe.

2 plum tomatoes and 1 small cucumber can be used this recipe. Also carrot pacchadi is also made the same way with scraped, grated carrots.

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