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As I said previously, one of my favorite movies of Sivaji Ganesan was “Navarathri” where he played opposite Savithri. Sivaji does the role of nine persons in the movie representing the nine emotions that characterize humans (nava rasa). Savithri acts as the young heroine who leaves her house and meets nine different characters on successive nights. Both Sivaji and Savithri play their parts so well it’s a feast for the fans. Many scenes were poignant, some comedic such as the hilarious Therukkoothu , which shows a now lost practice of traveling performers that combined music with mythological drama. Combining Chandrababu's singing with the bravura acting of the main characters it created a unique scene I continue to find enjoyable.

This movie is now available in the Indian stores and I would suggest that young people who have never seen this movie watch it at least once. Even those who don't like the old movies or don't know Sivaji or Savithri will at least like this scene I bet.