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Table of the spice names used in the recipes. I've listed them in Tamil, their equivalent Hindi names used in the Indian Grocery Stores in the U.S. and their English names in India . . . . . Click here

The list of the Indian cooking books Amma likes . . . . . Click here


Daal Bean Karemadhu
Nei Tomato Rasam
Lemon Rice Podimaas
Vegetable Baiji Bakoda (Pakora)
Green Chili Pepper and
Coconut Chutney
Moar Chathumudu
(Butter Milk Soup)
Spinach Makkottal Potato Onion Karemadhu
Cucumber Kootu Puliseri
Ravai Uppuma Pongal
Eggplant Masiyal Aviyal
Cilnatro Chutney Yogurt Rice
Coconut Rice Onion Chutney
Pumpkin Kootu Potato Bonda
Broccoli Aviyal Fast Chundal
Lemon Pickle Moar Kuzambu
Taro Root or
Chinese Potato Masiyal
Beans Kootu    

I love to cook and Iíve spent many years in my kitchen trying out recipes Iíve learned from my mother, my friends and the many cookbooks Iíve collected. Mostly Iíve learned from cooking for my family in the many places Iíve lived.

Growing up in South India I learned the cuisine of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. As a young bride I lived in Agra and Benares and had a chance to experience wonderful Punjabi and U.P. dishes. Moving to America in the 1960ís, I had to improvise with the limited availability of Indian spices and groceries at the time. But it also gave me the chance to experiment with new ingredients and ways to cook.

I hope you try out these recipes and tell me how they came out for you and if your family liked it.