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My Musical Family

I grew up loving music in a family of artists and musicians, listening to my mother play the violin as a child. She got her musical talent from her mother whose children all had music in them. So many of my memories are tied to members of this family and their passion for music.

My uncle, V.V.Sadagopan was a multifaceted artist, a concert musician who composed music and did research into the theory of music as a professor at Delhi University. He also wrote songs for children and started a magazine called Thyaga Bharathi.

My aunt, Jayalakshmi Santhanam is a well known singer versed in Carnatic music and a student of D.K. Pattamal. Their brother, V.V.Varadarajan, was a chartered accountant and also a concert performer.

Their oldest brother, Sundararajan was not a performer, but Music was his life. An Engineer by profession, he never missed the December Carnatic season and wherever there were musicians, he was there. His house in Trivandrum was open to anyone who had anything to do with music. I’ve seen many famous artists in his house as a young girl, who used to stay there whenever they came to the city. His wife Rukmini was herself a singer who sang on the radio and gave concerts.

My mother's cousin's wife, Anathalakshmi Sadagopan was a famous artist in her time profiled in Ananda Vikatan and other magazines of the time. Even today, her grand-daughter Sumitra Nitin gives concerts. My cousin, Rajee Krishnan won many prizes as a young girl. She’s composed many songs and a CD of her compositions was released recently as a CD sung beautifully by Sumitra Nitin.