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My name is Rukmini and I was born and raised in the beautiful old city of Madurai near the southern tip of India. I went to school at O.C.P.M., the American school in Tallakulam. I moved to Agra and later to Benares where my husband was a Professor of Engineering at Benares Hindu University.

I came to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1964 and have lived in several places across America. I now live in South Florida near my sons and close to many friends. I’ve been teaching music to my friends’ children which is very rewarding for me.

I have a beautiful dog named Buttercup, a Maltese-Shih Tzu cross I got from the shelter, who sits with me sometimes when I write.

Id like to share your thoughts about this site or anything youd like to tell me. Please write to me at amma@fromammawithlove.com.